Modular Wet-Floor System

Our popular wetroom system for timber floors is the modular wet floor system which enables a wetroom to be created in a wide range of configurations. The versatile system allows a linear drain to be installed in a variety of positions within the shower area, including the centre of the shower area, or neatly positioned up against either of the shower walls. The Modular Wet-Floor System comprises of three elements and is simple and easy to configure.

The drainage components and tapered boards are selected first, followed by the appropriate Wall or Floor Grill to suit your desired wetroom layout. Easily trimmable, the drainage component and tapered boards can be cut down to size and offer a fast and simple solution on site.

Key Features

  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Flexible Modular System
  • Fast track system
  • One or two way falls
  • Height Adjustable grill
  • Flow rates of up to 68L/min
  • Suitable for use with large format tiles
  • Floor & wall grills available
  • Variable waste position
MWF - Cropped
10 year installation guarantee

The Modular Wet-Floor System can be installed with a floor or wall grill and is available in fifteen standard lengths:

600mm 1000mm 1400mm 1800mm
700mm 1100mm 1500mm 1900mm
800mm 1200mm 1600mm 2000mm
900mm 1300mm 1700mm


In addition, bespoke grills can be manufactured within 2-3 days using our  NEW Bespoke Drain Service.

The grills are available in the following finishes to suit your wetroom installation:

Type A Solid 
Type B Oblong Slotted 
Type C Square Holes
Type S12 Stone-Infill
Type S20 Stone-Infill
Type F Frameless

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A NEW Fast Track Bespoke Drain Service

Having worked with house developers for many years, we understand that one of their biggest frustrations when installing wetrooms is having to compromise on the design of wetroom in order to meet installation deadlines. House builders are often forced to order a standard length wetroom drain rather than wait three weeks for a bespoke drain to be manufactured.

Our new Fast Track Service cuts the manufacturing time to 2-3 days, giving housebuilders the flexibility of ordering stunning, wall to wall drains in up to 2000mm lengths and having them delivered to site within 3-4 days of placing the order.


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